Environmental artist Kaisa Berry teamed up with Timo Berry, creative director at Finnish design agency BOTH, to create a large-scale installation made of thousands of white umbrellas hanging from the ceiling at this year’s Helsinki Design Week.

The aim is to take a gentle approach to the often over-serious design scene, through joy and surprise. At the same time, this gives adults a chance to play and act silly“, say Kaisa and Timo Berry.

Kaisa and her colleague, Timo, used white, ceiling-hung umbrellas and swings, to create a field of dreams, which brings together surreal fantasy, blue skies and clouds. Additionally, the installation, which was inspired by Mary Poppins, provided a stage for aerial acrobatic performances.


About Kaisa Berry
Kaisa Berry is an architect and stage designer, with extensive studies in landscape design. In addition to creating environmental art, she works as a teacher on the Landscape Architecture degree programme at the Aalto University.

About Timo Berry, creative director at the design agency BOTH
Timo is a graphic designer by education. Timo’s most well-known recent design is probably the Tom of Finland stamp, which caused some controversy. BOTH engages in various visual design projects, such as regional and urban brand management, digital concepts and environmental art.