Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen is spotlighting the simplicity and endurance of its mechanical Portugieser Perpetual Calendar through a campaign that contrasts the timepiece with smartwatches.

Few names in horology inspire as much admiration as Klaus, who at the age of 83 is still celebrating a lifetime as part of IWC.

Perpetual updates or a Perpetual Calendar? Facing the user interface or dealing with ease and trust? Constant updating and charging? Not too smart. The IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar shows that a mechancial watch isn’t just beautiful, but logical as well, as legendary watchmaker Kurt Klaus shows us below. 

Do note this: Mr. Klaus started at IWC in 1957, and he created the Portugieser Perpetual Calendar in the 1980s. The timepiece has 80 parts, and it is operated and adjusted using a single crown.

Pointing to the IWC watch’s seven-day power reserve, a short finds Mr. Klaus asking the sales associate about the battery powered device. The salesperson cheerfully explains that he will need to plug the device in each night to charge it.

This simplicity is highlighted in a video in which Mr. Klaus asks how to change the time zone on a smartwatch. The sales associate says it is “easy” and then runs through a series of swipes and taps to get to the setting on the watch.

When the watchmaker asks about traveling, the associate gathers everything he will need to charge away from home, including cables and a dock.

Another short tackles the timelessness of the Portugieser Perpetual Calendar’s technology. Mr. Klaus asks how often he will have to service his smartwatch.

In response, he is walked through a process of logins and docking that will have to take place 18 times per year.

The tagline of this film says that the IWC watch has “all updates included until 2499.”