Now that’s a surprise: “A Taste of Greece” is not just another cook book. Published by teNeues and written by Tatiana Blatnik, its aim is to help NGO BOROUME, Greece’s largest food rescue organization.

Food. It fuels our body and nourishes our soul. Shared, it fosters a mysterious sense of intimacy, even among strangers. Universal, it remains unique to each country, an essential element of the cultural heritage that links present and past through traditions and memories. A single bite can transport us both round the world and back in time. What else but food can awaken and create such lasting memories and deep emotions? It is not by chance that, for “A Taste of Greece”, 30 well-known international personalities have chosen to share their favorite local food recipes to give life to their personal connection with this beautiful Mediterranean country and shed light on its multifaceted appeal. Their stories and recipes illustrated by stunning photos will give you a real appreciation of Greek cuisine, age-old traditions, and a fascinating contemporary culture. We trust that you will become as enamored of the country and its people as they are! This volume represents a collaborative effort of young, passionate men and women dedicated to making a difference in the lives of struggling Greeks. Through their NGO BOROUME, Greece’s largest food rescue organization, they have provided more than 4.5 million meals in the four years since its founding.

Hearing of BOROUME’s efforts, HRH PRINCESS TATIANA resolved to lend her support to their work. Since moving to Greece with her husband, HRH Prince Nikolaos, in 2013, she found herself intrigued by the sociological importance of food. The cookbook project, which she coordinated, became a concrete expression of her love for Greece and her commitment to joining forces with individuals and organizations, across borders, to support those in need in the country she now calls home.

Sounds like the ideal gift for all lovers of the Greek experience.

Out now, via teNeues.


Preface by HRH Princess Tatiana


“I believe that food is a reflection of ourselves; what and how we choose to eat speaks to the life we want to live. Moving to Greece with my husband, Prince Nikolaos, added a new chapter to my culinary identity and allowed me to redefine what home tastes like. Most importantly, Greek cuisine—being simple but never simplistic, unpretentious but still seductive, and authentic but always evolving—taught me an invaluable lesson: there is no need to camouflage one’s true essence and hide behind unnecessary flavors, either in the kitchen or in life.

A splash of olive oil, a pinch of hand-crushed fresh sea salt, and a squeeze of lemon is all that is needed to bring out the real flavors of every dish and make it unique. The same goes for people—one can be most colorful in one’s purity and simplicity, even though once in a while we all need to add a bit of spice.

In Greece, food is an integral part of the local culture and national identity. Daily meals continue to bring extended families around the table, creating social bonds and a sense of belonging. A lack of food, however, does exactly the opposite: it not only deprives people of the very basics but also alienates and excludes those who cannot afford to provide for themselves and their loved ones.

Over the last few years, the Greek nonprofit organization Boroume has aimed to help one person and one family at a time by engaging local communities to make meals available to those in need. When I first met with them, I immediately decided to lend my support to a cause that is very close to my heart.

Coordinating this project ever since has been a heartwarming journey that has allowed me not only to connect with a passionate Greek community but also to bring together people from around the world who share my own love for Greece, its cuisine, and its culture. I hope that this book will warm as many hearts and kitchens as possible and that our common love will continue to grow by sharing.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank all who have helped make this book a reality—everyone’s enthusiastic response was beyond my expectations”.

– Tatiana Blatnik