Doya Karolini portraitThe best journeys change your theory of life. But some of them actually built it.
Doya Karolini is based in Athens, Greece. But she studied Law at the Georg August University of Goettingen, Germany. Only to realize that the liquidation of Ethics drove her mad.
So she started to write. For the best magazines Greece had to offer – such as Vogue, and Status magazine. But soon enough she realized her love for all things digital.
Which lead her to the web, her natural home nowadays, being creator of . This blog is a collection of everything she considers to be unique, priceless even. It’s a collection of people, stories, moments, objects she has at some point in time been carried away by.
Other than that, she loves pasta and seafood. Wrist watches and shoes. She could not live without black swimsuits and black dresses.
And she could easily spend the whole year driving – few know she was actually born in a car ( a 1966 VW T1), which probably scarred her for life. Up to this day, to her, cars are family members and all have each a soul, a name and a story to tell.
How convenient really, that she gets to drive the sharpest of cars non stop, across the land (and continent), to find the next story, the next shot, the next adventure.