Absolut Vodka proudly presents Absolut Unique Vodka – a truly unique limited edition of nearly four million uniquely designed and individually numbered bottles.

Absolut Unique Vodka is the most vibrant and creative Absolut limited edition release to date. By bringing randomness into the bottling process Absolut have made 4 million truly unique bottle designs, each label coded with its own one-of-a-kind number, an almost unlimited amount of different designs rather than a limited amount of a single design. They pretty much had to re-engineer their entire production process.The only thing left untouched is the vodka itself. They set up splash guns and color-generating machines, and developed an algorithm that places individual patterns on top of a specially-applied coat of paint, allowing for a nearly endless sequence of combinations from 35 colors and 51 patterns.

And it’s the scale of Absolut Vodka’s latest promotion, “Absolut Unique,” that has us dizzy. The company has created not 1 but 4 million uniquely-decorated bottles for sale in global travel retail markets, or duty free shops.

“Absolut Unique feels a bit mad scientist, a bit street art … When the bottles first appeared on the conveyer belt, we cheered. By that point the production line looked more like an artist’s studio than a bottle factory.” He added: “A lot of world-class creators have made their interpretations of our iconic bottle. But this time Absolut was the artist”, said Absolut’s vice president for global marketing, Jonas Tahlin.

The Spirits Business website writes that the bottles feature artwork was created with splash guns, 38 colors, 51 pattern types and computerized pattern algorithms to achieve total randomness. The company estimates that it would take 94 quintillion bottles before two similar ones are created. That’s more than 13 billion bottles per person on the planet.

As if we needed another excuse to enjoy vodka…


Remember: Gunnar Broman and Hans Brindfors designed the original ABSOLUT bottle in 1979. Today it is one of the most well-known bottles in the world. ABSOLUT UNIQUE is one of our most inimitable and technically advance reinterpretations of this global icon.


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