Alexander McQueen and Creative director Sarah Burton has partnered with Procter & Gamble Prestige (also responsible for Gucci, D&G and Hugo Boss fragrances) and Firmench to make McQueen Parfum, a rich white floral that embodies the brand in so many ways.

Do note that Kingdom, in 2003, and My Queen, in 2005 – that were developed by YSL Beauté- both disappearing very quickly from the shelves after being discontinued in 2008.

The fragrance evokes a dark, almost gothic mood so reminiscent of McQueen. “It’s about nighttime, dreams, obsessions, collections and the sub-conscious,” said Sarah before the AW16 show and the fragrance launch event the following day, according to WWD.

This is reflected in the ingredients, night flowers that flourish in the dark like jasmine, tuberose and ylang ylang. Top notes of clove, pink and black pepper and vetiver add to the mystery.

Like Chanel had new standards of quality and creativity, you will see that here, too,” stated Antoine Delgrange, managing director at P&G Prestige.