It is a fact that the window displays of the Hermès mothership on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré are far more than just a marketing tool – they are a work of art. No doubt. And now, it’s Antoine Platteau’s turn to show what kind of a magician he has been, and is.

When Platteau was appointed director of window decorations for the Faubourg store back in 2014, he actually had big shoes to fill. His predecessor, Leïla Menchari, held the post for more than three decades. But then again, he came armed to the battle field…

The elaborate vitrines (a work of art, unquestionably) are now the subject of an exhibition set to run in the French city of Poitiers until September 18 at “Le Petit Théâtre de la Démesure” (“The Little Theater of Excess”). So you may be wondering: are their vitrines a marketing tool, as expected, or are they an art installation? Both, is the correct answer. Exactly as should.

We feature exceptional products that we order especially for the window — it could be saddles, hats or bags. The different divisions of the house make these items specifically for us,” he revealed. “We ask them to make products either in colors that are not available in-store, or in different materials and iterations.

Antoine Platteau taps artists such as Nigel Peake, Antoine Carbonne and Philippe Caron to help him carry out his vision, in addition to artisans such as feather-maker Marcy or the French luxury label’s in-house teams.

I feel like I am still discovering the range of possibilities of this showcase, so I’m still feeling my way around, but the idea is to create a sense of surprise every time and not to fall into habits, so you have to try new things. For me, each window is a fresh test,” he said to WWD.