Nespresso has launched two new unique, limited edition collections of coffee from Laos and Kenya.

These hidden gems mark taste profiles that are opposite of each other. Both with acidity, but one more embedded with wheat flavours, the other, fruit.

Nespresso has launched their new collections named Explorations 1, which comprises two limited edition coffees, Laos Bolaven Plateau and Kenya Peaberry. Both coffees are Pure Origins, meaning that the coffee has been sourced from a single farm or a group of farms in a precise region.



Laos is a region that has a lot of rainfall. The humidity with the volcanic soil make a great environment for coffee.

The misty Bolaven Plateau, with its very own microclimate, sits thirteen-hundred metres above sea level. Together with the best farm practices, this environment makes an ideal terroir for truly exceptional coffee. The 100% washed Arabica beans from the region are used for blending and roasting and make for some interesting golden wheat and green vegetal flavours embedded in the coffee.

Nespresso’s experts sought to express a characteristic golden wheat and green vegetal personality. Round and balanced with a hint of acidity, this espresso is reminiscent of certain cereal grains and herbs.



Known as the ‘King of Coffee’ in the coffee industry, the legendary central district of Kenya develops approximately 5% of the world’s coffee. Here, on either side of the equator, the altitude, temperature and humidity make for a truly superb terroir quite unlike anywhere else.

Nespresso took the prized bean and developed a roasting and splitting technique that brings out the acidity and fruitiness of the coffee. The tastes are comprised of a variety of flavours, like apples, raisins, blackberries and currants.

Nespresso’s experts developed a roast profile that expresses all the elegance of Kenya’s fine acidity and fruity notes. This aromatic espresso will surprise you with notes reminiscent of a variety of candied fruits.




To bring out the brightest and finest notes expressed as golden wheat, they gave a small part of the beans a dark, long roast.To enhance the coffee’s body and structure, they gave the remaining part a lighter, short roast.



Most of the beans are roasted at a medium intensity for a short period of time to enhance aromatic complexity. The smaller, remaining beans are lightly roasted to help bring out the fruit.


These two coffees have been specially created and paired in a duo-pack due to their contrasting hidden stories and end-cup tastes.  For more information, visit Nespresso Explorations 1.