Her participation in Pedro Almodóvar‘s “The Skin I Live In” (2011), earned her a Goya Award Nomination – for Best New Actress. In November of the same year, she was named the Woman of the Year by the Spanish edition of GQ. That was the point when we first saw Blanca Suarez. Being the new face (and incredible body, really) of Intimissimi, we now decided to seize the opportunity and get an interview. With her.


Ladies and gentlemen, behold the new pride of Madrid, Blanca Suarez. Up, close and personal.


About lingerie



Which lingerie do you feel most confident in?

I feel safer with basic lingerie. A real nice evening dress with high heeled shoes and a black lace bra also makes me feel confident. Depends on the time of the day. And on my moods.


Do you think lingerie define the NDA of a woman?

Absolutely! Lingerie defines the personality of every woman. No exceptions.


Do you like to receive lingerie as a gift?

I prefer to choose my underwear on my own.


What do you like the most on yourself?

My hands and my eyes.


Give us one lingerie colour for each situation:

  • A romantic dinner > black
  • Holidays in the beach > pink and green
  • Red carpet > nude
  • A job interview > white


What style of lingerie do you recommend to seduce someone?

Lace and silk black lingerie.



About Intimissimi



Do you identify yourself with the Intimissimi style?

I strongly identify myself with Intimissimi. See,  they offer me many options and make me feel comfortable, sexy and elegant at the same time.


What does the Intimissimi brand represent for you?

Delicacy, sensuality and comfort.


Tell us in your opinion the secret of the success of this brand.

I think Intimissimi enhances the natural beauty, makes you feel comfortable. Plus, the quality of their products is very good. Excellent value for money.




About Blanca Suarez



What kind of a woman are you?

A natural person.


Which three adjectives would you use to describe yourself?

Sensible, quiet and … oh I really could not describe myself!


What are your beauty secrets?

I try to take good care of my body, do some sports and follow a healthy diet.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

The chance I get to play different characters each time.


What is your favourite city in the world?

Rome, New York, San Francisco….I simply cannot decide.




Quick Questions



You never leave the house without…



Favourite place to lose yourself in…

Tarifa (Cadiz in Spain).


Your favourite book.

”A Journey” by Silvia Abascal.


You favourite movie.

“Match Point”, directed by Woody Allen.


Your dream is to…

To work with two Spanish cinema directors: Amenabar and J.A. Bayona.


Your key beauty tips

Cleanse the skin perfectly well and use a good moisturiser afterwards. Every night before you go to bed. Religiously.


A fashion designer you would love to work for…

Balmain, Pucci, Armani.