Launched back in 2014, the Bandit9 “EVE” motorcycle is a custom-made model with a 90cc or 125 cc engine, that was developed upon the basis of a 1967 Honda “SS” bike. Captured now by Wing Chan, Eve joins forces with Ukrainian designer Konstantin Kofta, creating a retro sci-fi environment of the finest.

We can’t help but applause that strange (at first) marriage of Bandit9′s EVE and Konstantin Kofta’s geometric bag (part of his 2015 “Inertia” collection), that does indeed reflect their shared individuality, and is proof of extraordinary imagination.

Physics is the patterns of organic energy, all of which are dynamic, alive. Mass is energy, so the subatomic world is always restlessly in motion. Inert matter is full of motion when we look closely at it. The activity of matter is its essence. Geometry is a construct of the intellect”, says the designer of his “Inertia” line.

Konstantin Kofta created his own label, Kofta which combines seemingly contradictory elements outside the traditional canons of the fashion industry. His garments are sensual, effortlessly elegant, practical and wearable. Kofta uses rough skin, irregular shapes and unique scents to create a totally new vision of the attire as a whole. Designer Konstantin Kofta combines rural and urban perceptions, and embraces the unintentional and unexpected, which provide inspiration for current and future collections. Each collection appears as a form of art installation. Konstantin Kofta believes that the perfect is hidden in the sacramental places away from an ordinary vision littered by common standards. Designer strives to fuse unusual components to achieve distinctions that add to person’s lifestyle rather than just to the wardrobe.