Katerina Misichroni is probably one of the absolute bet actresses of her generation. Few know that her elegant movements, her way of almost floating within space, are actual signs of a performing career as a ballet dancer, long before participating in numerous international award winning films.

We met a few years back on set of a photo shooting for a magazine. Her beautiful face reminded me instantly of the classic Bryan Ferry’s girls. And Audrey. But it was her velvet voice and her gentle manners that caught my attention. Almost from a different era, she is never loud, never impatient, never eager to reach the next destination or goal.

“Don’t you ever speed up?”, I asked her during our ride. “Why?”, she answered. “When you speed up you just miss the moment, all those magnificent seconds and minutes and hours that lead you to your goal – these are memorable and valuable”.

Yes, ironically, we chose one of the most elegant supercars for her to get photographed with, a beautiful, sleek Porsche 718. But we never pushed the pedal harder than we absolutely had to. Because she wanted to enjoy every second of the ride. And she never stopped smiling, not even for one second,  along the way.

I’m an observer of life“, she said shortly before we arrived at our destination. “I’m the all-seeing-eye, almost. I love to observe everything, to feel and touch, and taste everything, if possible. And I deeply enjoy it“.






Who is your favorite fashion designer in the world?

I would choose Valentino for his elegant sophisticated and timeless style. 


What perfume do you wear? 

Armani Privé Amber eccentric. 


What watch do you wear? 

My grandfather’s watch, an authentic 30’s piece.


Which are your favorite colors? 

Black,white and grey.


Name the one piece of clothing, jewellery or accessory you simply could not imagine life without.

My grandmothers earring pearls and an iconic Max Mara coat.


Which fabric describes you and your personal style best?



Name the woman you have looked up to, while growing up. Who inspired you to be the woman you have become?

My grandmother Katerina for her simplicity, kindness, grace, wisdom and smile. Other than that, I would say that my mother has always been a true inspiration to me for her everlasting love for life and her big and warm heart.


What is the first thing you would teach your daughter, in things style? 

Self confidence and self respect. The ultimate tools for the ultimate style!


Name the most stylish woman (dead or alive).

Audrey Hepburn. 






What inspires you the most for your acting?

Observing human behavior.


When did you know that this is exactly what you wanted to do?

Oh, but I am still questioning it. Every single day. I don’t think I will ever stop. It gives me motivation and drive.


Is the Greek / Mediterranean -heritage-influence visible in your acting? As part of who you are?

I would say yes. First of all, it is the language, the colors that words can create inside of you. And then it is the tension of the experiences. Everything gets inevitably filtered through my Greek heart.


How important is the script / the director for the end result?

Both are extremely important. If I don’t believe in what I am supposed to be saying and I don’t trust the director completely, I will most likely not say “yes” to the job.


Do you lose yourself inside the character you want to portray each time? Or does each woman become a part of yourself and who you are automatically?

I feel like I have all these women inside me and every time, depending on the part, I invite one of them to touch the surface and start a dialogue with me.


Do you sometimes envy a character for traits you do not possess? Do these characters teach you lessons for your own life’s scenario?

Oh yes, that can happen. And when it does, I am grateful for each lesson “she” taught me.


 What can we expect from you in the future? What will be different?

I don’t really ask myself questions about the future. If I truly want a change, I do it in the present, I act automatically in the “now”. I am a huge fan of Here and Now.


Where do you imagine yourself to be ideally in –say- ten years from now, professionally speaking? 

I will be in a place where my heart is full and grateful. At long last.





What kind of driver are you?

I would say that I try to drive safely – and I’m always listening to good music.


Do you enjoy speed?

Not so much. Never really did.


Describe the perfect car, the perfect time of day and the perfect soundtrack when driving towards your favorite beach.

During the magic hour, driving an old Porsche 911 at the old town of Essaouira in Morocco, listening to the soundtrack of the Jim Jarmuach s film “Only lovers left alive “.


What does the word PORSCHE bring to your mind?

Style, class, ultimate luxury, safety.


Which is your favorite model of all times?

The classic 911.


Is it the destination or the distance driven that counts?

When the destination is of your choice, and you go along with all your heart, distance can only be an excuse.




All clothes are by Max Mara, via Dil Fashion Group.

Photography: Doya Karolini


[Thank you to Porsche & Porsche Hellas for allowing us to dance with this magnificent Porsche 718 Boxster.

And to the New Hotel, for providing us with an excellent pit-stop.