For women who say “I can’t” to that last push-up, sit-up or final lap, Nike has released a “Better For It” campaign showing the sweaty, judgmental and unglamorous side of exercise.

Thirty-six percent of women say anxiety has prevented them from entering a gym while 53% worry about how they look in their gym gear while working out according to a recent study by Curves Australia.

Its commercial “Inner Thoughts” features female gym-goers doing yoga, spinning, weight lifting and running while they get out of breath, whine and complain. By the end of the video, one woman’s “I can’t” becomes “I did it.”

The brand is encouraging women to share their own exercise accomplishments on social media with the hashtag #BetterForIt.

If you’re brave enough to try, you’re strong enough to finish“, Nike explains. Let’s do this, ladies.