VERVE -stands for Vitality Energy Reset Vigor Enthusiasm-  is in fact the first cold pressed juice and detox cleanse company in Greece, offering a series of 6 cold pressed juices and 2 milks made with raw and fresh ingredients.

We tried and tested them (cleanse detox program). And we can only say this: thumbs up, guys! Amazing results!

Verve is about living well, treating your body right and getting back to your roots by consuming raw, organic, fresh and unprocessed food. Their mission is to bring nutritious premium juices and complete cleansing programs to anyone who wishes to live life at its best. By offering convenient healthy programs that fit easily into your busy lifestyle. Yes, they deliver premium, raw, fresh, cold-pressed juices and cleanse boxes to you.

At Verve they use only the finest and freshest ingredients and they carefully choose their local suppliers and producers. Their bespoke detoxification programs have been carefully studied and designed by the Nutritional Therapist & Metabolic Balance coach of London Nutrition Clinic, Lisa Blair. These help your body cleanse, release toxins and shape up in a healthy and natural way. So what’s left for you to do is actually make time to replenish, reboot and reset your system.

Their juice cleanses are packed full of nutrient-dense nourishment and natural superfood ingredients to help boost your energy levels, make your skin glow and leave you feeling like a super hero.

Verve offers a variety of 9 juices (4 green, 3 fruity, 2 roots) and 2 nut milks. A combination of 5 juices and 1 milk makes a cleansing program. There are 3 different cleansing plans, the “beginners”, the “signature”, the “experts”. Choose your detox program and they will bring it to your door, raw, fresh and bottled. Just keep the bottles refrigerated, shake them well and enjoy every sip. We did try it and cannot recommend it strong enough! They taste yummy, and the results will amaze you. You will feel invigorated with your skin glowing like hell! Our suggestion: just choose a weekend to do all this. In order to have all the time in the world for you and your body. To sleep more, take long baths and walks in the nature, to have facials. Everything to help you boost the Verve results.

As for that amazing packaging of the Verve juices, responsible for them are Bob studio, the agency behind this branding which includes name generation, logo design and packaging – a visual brand identity fresh and vivacious that perfectly brings to life the products of the range.


You can find them on: It Restaurant (29 Skoufa str, Kolonaki, Athens), Nora’s Deli (11 Anagnostopoulou str, Kolonaki, Athens), Public Store (Sintagma, Athens), ATHLESIS (25 Tsakalof str, Kolonaki, Athens), Thanopoulos stores (164 Charilaou Trikoupi str, Nea Erithrea, Athens), Thanopoulos stores (38 Eleon str, Nea Kifisia, Athens), Thanopoulos stores (6 Dragoumi str, Kifisia, Athens), Ipirotisa (32 Varis-Koropiou av, Voula, Athens), Holmes Place Glyfada Gym (83 Grigoriou Lampraki av, Glyfada, Athens).


Do note this: If you are still wondering whether or not you actually need to do this, you’d better not think twice. According to scientists we are in fact surrounded by almost a thousand contaminants. You might be wondering how and where we absorb all these harmful toxins, and the fact is they are everywhere and are absorbed through things that we eat, touch and breathe. So, yes. Your body is yearning for some cleansing. You’d better listen carefully to its demands.



a) Polluted air that we breathe. Including smoke, aerosols and fumes

b) Food and beverages. Junk, processed, canned foods, caffeinated drinks, cancer causing foods (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heterocyclic amines), nitrosamines found in processed foods (sausages, cured meat), food additives, fatty foods, recycled fats and oils.

c) Objects and the environment that our skin comes in contact with dirty linens, cosmetic products etc…

d) Our  metabolisms. When carbs, proteins or fats are being burned, it releases by-products and residues that if left not eliminated, can be toxic to our body.

e) Poor diet leading to digestive issues. This happens quite frequently for the majority of us, due to our poor and unbalanced diets consisting of high carb and fatty foods. Our digestive system eventually overloads and experiences high blood sugar and insulin levels leading to inflammation.



  • Find yourself addicted to caffeine, sugar and processed food
  • Have a few stubborn kilos to lose
  • Are bloated or puffy after eating
  • Wish to take control of your life and your diet
  • Let your energy rocket and your mind feel clearer
  • Wish to heal digestive issues
  • Help combat candida
  • Want to stop suffering from reoccurring colds and chest infections
  • Need a way to get your skin glowing
  • Want to nourish and hydrate your body and feel amazing