The undeniable allure of Charlize Theron returns once more for Dior‘s latest iteration of its best-selling J’adore Dior range, The Absolute Femininity.

Embodying the Dior woman, Charlize Theron appears in an asymmetric dress of nude crinkled silk chiffon with a plunging backthat was specially made in the House’s haute couture ateliers and finds herself in an instinctive and perfect communion with nature, in a harsh setting, directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino and shot in a place where existence draws life, taking us to a new horizon and a renaissance of the House’s emblematic perfume.

To ensure that Charlize Theron’s movements could be lightly and fluidly followed, the petites mains in the Dior ateliers sewed French seams, barely visible and fading into the embroideries. The twelve meters of delicate crinkled chiffon used had to be handled with the greatest of care. And like a foundation garment integrated directly into the dress, the flesh-colored double organza bustier was made to the star’s exact measurements in order to outline and accentuate her curves. The full making of this unique creation took over two hundred and fifty hours of work and just as much passion.

Enriched by her life experiences, the J’adore woman embodied by Charlize Theron sees herself as liberated, free to move ahead, her future wide open.

The woman who has been the face of the shimmering fragrance for over twelve years recognizes herself in this evolution.

What we wished to do with this campaign was to show the influence that authenticity and the elements can have on our emotions,” the star explains.

In a nude-colored asymmetric dress with a plunging back, the curves of her sculptural and elegant silhouette are enhanced by the hand embroideries, composed of thousands of beads, sequins and rhinestones. On her feet, her gladiator sandals graciously enlace her ankles and, as the only accessories, an accumulation of golden bangles encircle her wrists.

This opus is a declaration of pleasure, like the sensation of perfume on the skin or the singular emotion a scent can provoke. In osmosis with her time, the Dior woman as embodied by Charlize Theron finds herself in an instinctive and perfect communion with nature, in a harsh setting. “The water, the earth, the sun and me…,” she spontaneously exclaims, like a manifesto of rebirth.