Louis Vuitton presented its 2017 fall/winter collection that revealed quite a few eye-catching Supreme products.

Kim Jones asserted prior to the show: “No New York City men’s conversation is complete without Supreme.” The collection was an ode to New York streetwear both “uptown and downtown.”

The new Louis Vuitton monogram is replaced with the Supreme Bogo and showcased on denim Jacquard camo. It’s dedicated to ”the city’s friends and heroes.”

It was Michael Burke, the CEO of Louis Vuitton, called me up one day and said, ‘Do you know the people at Supreme because I’m really interested in the brand and I’d like to talk to the founder,’ who’s James Jebbia, who I know. So I said you can get his number off me if we can do a collaboration with them!,” he explained to VOGUE.

It’s smart, but streetwear-smart. Clearly inspired by Manhattan artists like Basquiat and Andy Warhol.


About Supreme: The brand was originally founded by James Jebbia. Although he was born in the US, he lived in England until he was nineteen. In April 1994, Supreme opened its doors on Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan and became the home of New York City skate culture. At its core was the gang of rebellious young New York skaters and artists who became the store’s staff, crew and customers.