“Origem” was filmed by director Mike Bekos for Nespresso in Brazil’s Carmo de Minas region, capturing the experience of the lucky one who won this trip in the Greek “Coffee Expert” contest, earlier this year.

“Origem” means in Portuguese “origin”. So it should not be a surprise that this film has everything to do with the origins of the coffee beans used by Nespresso for each capsule, where they come from and their very own story. But the real protagonists, are naturally the people behind this process, as well as their everyday routines. That make it possible for us to put every morning another capsule into the Nespresso machine.

[And do note this: the shooting took place on July 2017, lasted 4 days and the 3-member crew used a Canon 5dmark iii, a drone and a flight with a hot air balloon to capture the fascinating story. Thumbs up, guys! Great job!]

But, enough said. Enjoy every second of the following video!