Spanish-based photographer, graphic/web designer and editor Rocio Montoya creates surreal collages that speak about the human body in close relation to nature, the conceptual basis being the female figure and the loss of identity.

With that mixture of graphic elements collected from magazines and vintage botanical illustrations with photographic portraits and old family postcards, Rocio Montoya creates a poetic, dreamy atmosphere.

Rocio Montoya is a photographer, graphic / web designer and editor based in Madrid, Spain. Her specialty is the experimental photography, land on which has moved from its creative inception. Also passionate for the editorial design, in 2010 she founded the DOZE Magazine, which has co-directed and designed until its closure in June 2014.

Her interest is particularly focused on the experimental portrait, approached through different plastic techniques and always with photography as the essential basis of each final artwork . Throughout her career as an artist she make a personal exploration of behaviors and emotional states of the human being, transforming reality by manipulating the image to convey their perception of the environment through aesthetic experiences.

She immersed herself in the field of visual arts by curiosity to express her concerns and the need to seek beauty as a means of escape and personal enjoyment. Her admiration for painting and surrealism is evident in addressing their creations, which you can see a clear trend to recreate atmospheres and distant situations to pure documentary reality, characterized by a delicate, haunting and poetic graphic style.

The human body in synergy with nature, the female figure and the loss of identity are the conceptual basis of her work.

In addition to her personal work, Rocio Montoya has done numerous fashion editorials and has worked as a newspaper photojournalist. Currently she lives in Madrid and combines her personal projects with a graphical editor since in daily elEconomista.