“Cooking on the boat”  is the open sea culinary journey of Istanbul based Lale and her husband Cem Apa. A journey through the Galley cuisine with lots of Mediterranean twists. A survival guide really for those who want to prepare delicious plates on board a sailboat. 

Cem Apa is behind the lens. Genevieve Farez is busy with the art direction. And Lale Apa is playing with colourful fresh ingredients. If ever a book smelled like oregano and basil, sea salt and ripe tomatoes, than this is the magical one. Memorable dishes that can be prepared in tight quarters, using minimal ingredients, utensils and appliances fill this project, brought together by Cem Apa’s seafaring experience and Lale Apa’s passion for finding new tastes and flavor combinations to increase the enjoyment of life on board a boat. Anyone familiar with the sea knows that it comes with its own rules and unique circumstances. But a sailboat is first and foremost a pleasure craft. This couple definitely belongs to the kind of people that strive to make the most of their time on board. So they have come up with this book to share some of the wonderful places they have discovered while sailing along the enchanting Aegean sea and Mediterranean coasts, Turkish or Greek. These 260 pages will travel you to the culinary sea of starters and salads, pasta and rice, seafood and fish, and desserts (among many many others), while giving you precious tips and tricks to ease the challenging life of an on board cook – like yourself. An ode to both sides of this ancient sea, this majestic collection of memories and plates fills one up with a richness you will not find elsewhere outside the Aegean.

What’s left to say about this culinary guide? “We wish you calm seas, smooth sailing and many delicious meals along your journey, wherever it may take you”. Exactly. Enjoy the stunning Turkish and Greek coasts, combined with the pleasures of the taste buds. And remember this: the Greek islands, as well as the Turkish coast weren’t chosen by the gods for no reason.