Surrounded by a beautiful landscape and breathtaking views, Tainaron Blue Retreat welcomes its guests offering excellent cuisine combined with impeccable service and warm hospitality.  And do note this: Mani Tower / Tainaron Blue Retreat received the Special Jury Award for Overall Rating (equal prize) in 2015 100% Hotel Design Awards.

Tainaron Blue Retreat is housed in an early 19th-century stone tower that boasts stunning panoramic views of the southernmost slope of Taygetos mountain and the sea. Perfectly situated in an idyllic location, it is an ideal place to watch the magical sunset over the sea or witness the serene beauty of a new day dawning.

This traditional tower is a perfect example of the defensive architecture of the area. With their simple and austere beauty, the imposing towers of Mani resist the passage of time and offer a fascinating journey into the past. In times of conflict, they served to control and repel hostile attacks, while in times of peace and prosperity they were used as residential places and courtyards.

Tainaron Blue is located just a few kilometers from Cape Tainaron. This is the southernmost geographical point of mainland Greece and also the southernmost point of mainland Europe.

For thousands of years, Cape Tainaron (formerly known as Cape Matapan) has been a unique region full of mystery, myths and natural beauty. According to Pausanias, this is where a Temple to Poseidon had been built. Poseidon was worshipped especially by Lakones, and the temple became the center of the “Brotherhood of Freelakones”. There is also a cave at the tip of the Cape, that legends claim it was the home of Hades, the god of the Underworld. According to the ancient Greek mythology, Cerberus, a three-headed dog guarded the gate, to prevent the dead from escaping and the living from entering.

During the conversion of this three-story tower into a gues thouse we encountered considerable difficulties. We had to adapt to the specific characteristics of the architecture of Mani and at the same time ensure that the interior spaces keep pace with modern aesthetics. The structure inside and outside of the tower had to remain unchanged, while all modern facilities and infrastructure had to be settled imperceptibly.

As the formation of the exterior spaces had to ensure minimum interference, the addition of a water surface area was adapted to the specific environment and respected the topography of the landscape, resulting in an even and unified set of buildings and space with intensity and character.

The Tainaron Blue Retreat offers you the quaint and unique experience of staying in a tower that comes from the past, with its traditional narrow stairs and wooden ladders. Its three vintage rooms, with unobstructed sea and mountain views, are equipped with beautiful Coco-mat linen and ecological O-live toiletries and are embellished with works of art created by sculptor Nikos Karalis.

[All images shot by and courtesy of George Meitner]