The remaining gap at the Athenian culinary scene came to be bridged by Bollywood, a new, promising restaurant specialized in Indian cuisine.

The intensity of the Indian cuisine is very sophisticatedly camouflaged without losing its unique identity and taste abundance so as to meet the poorly initiated Greek palette. The new age interior, mixing industrial and folk Indian elements adds remarkably to the ambience created by the contemporarily interpreted traditional music and the matching art de la table as well. Characteristic Indian flavours in an excellent ambience and a hip young crowd plus rational prices.

Try: beef vindalo (traditional Goa specialty), pesha weri naan, tandoori, masala, rose sorbet.

Any additional reason to visit Bollywood needed?


29, Elasidon St. & 44, Konstantinoupoleos St, Gazi


T: +30 210 345 0041


Should you be a pure Indian aficionado, do not omit to visit a second, less raffinated but equally tempting option. Taste an Indian version of souvlaki in a small eatery in the middle of Exarheia. Manned by Indian like personnel, Barba George eatery is the most authentic choice one can make concerning quick, pure, Indian food. Try: chicken corma and tikka masala, curry madras, karahi.

Barba George

4, Mesologiou St, Exarheia


T: +30 210 3826505