This temple of gastronomy is built in a small triangular space close to Barcelona’s Placa Espanya. Located next to Tickets restaurant, they both consist a place to be amongst international gastrolovers.

Having one of the 5 tables, needs an at least 3 months booking in advance and is considered the holy grail of the food aficionados. The usage of a religious vocabulary is not random: Andria brothers’ creation is a direct spiritual transmission to a sort of paradise, where all the senses are fired in a magical harmony and rhythm, through a holistic and transcendental approach to the human pleasure.

Even while making the first step in the restaurant-bar starts your initiation in the ritual-like experience. The black, sleek interior, created by with the glossy details, the chesterfield armchairs, the rustic animal busts and the video projections together with the excellently suitable music, minimal exotic by x contributed in a magnetically luring atmosphere. The staff welcomed us kindly remaining exceptionally discreet yet very friendly and explanatory on the ingredients and the proper way of handling and tasting the courses throughout the supper. No fuss and nothing unnecessary on the carefully lit table. There were transiently some spoons or special forceps but most of the time cutlery was absent; the emphasis on touching the textures with the fingers was catalytic.

41 dishes-cocktails.

41 small edible jewels.

41 treasures of gastronomic study, research and innovation.

41 triggers to demolish any preconception on food and any creative boundary and to overthrow any past culinary conception.

From the extraordinary gin tonic and the beure blance oysters to the rabbit ribs in an its blood sauce, the duck egg with potato puree and truffle and the passion fruit dessert, an endeavour to predict what is next was in vain, as the established hierarchy of a meal was fragmented An effort to select the top dishes seemed hopeless as well, because the criteria, trying to eliminate the subjectivity of personal taste and work on an as much as possible objective basis, were limited to the slightest of details. A remarkable weight was placed on sea flavours, especially conquillage compared to a noticeable lack of meat, continuous experimentation and the far beyond interesting combination of food and cocktail was a seductively tantalising tingling surprise on our palette. The dishes dedicated to Asia and some other countries provoked altogether our immediate evolution into a Bodhisattva Buddha state, were completeness seems achievable and even mortality is not such a heavy burden to carry.

What is more, the presentation of the dishes wasn’t just a trick to impress but a strong adding factor to the whole conceptual foundation of the dish. The small fragile more works of art less snacks, as sarcastically named by the restaurant, were shining into the darkness of the room.

An experience of a lifetime, not to miss whatsoever should you visit Barcelona and definitely book a table at least three months in advance. And if what described above sounds like a fortune investment I have to refute it as the menu is very reasonably priced accordingly. Plus after midnight you can join the bar available for a limited number of people enjoying cocktails in the cost of 12 Euros each. Fair deal, isn’t it?

41 Grados

Avinguda Paral-lel, 164

08015 Barcelona