Young Dutch artist Mike Frederiqo presents his latest collection of t-shirts featuring designers as their very own logos.

This is what happens when a little boy gets a little bit out of control and his parents give him a piece of paper and a pen to keep him quite. He turns into a fantastic graphic designer, illustrator and artist, turning his skill into a career.  This is the short version of Mike Frederiqo‘s life story.

A full fledged trend in the last few years, his series of illustrations,“Logos by Mike Frederiqo” is now bringing attention to quirky branding possibilities even further.

All of the spoof t-shirts inspired me you see so many illustrators taking those famous logos and making fun of them – almost in a negative way. So, I wanted to do something in a positive way with the logos that were recognizable. And what is more recognizable than the Coco Chanel logo? Sarah (the owner) saw my work all over the Internet and contacted me to do a series of t-shirts for the store. That was the first shop that ever sold my work. To me there is no better store then Colette in Paris. I’m looking forward working with them again“, says Mike about his collaboration with Colette in Paris.

And as for Mike Frederiqo… He was born in the Netherlands, back in 1991. From the time he was able to hold a pencil,  he was drawing and painting, no surprise. And at a young age, he became a tattoo artist, doing some graffiti on the side, but soon, he focused more on illustrations and design. His first project was “Bapes soup”, based on Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup. After that he created the “Sponge Series”, inspired by the cartoon character of Spongebob, and so he came to the attention of numerous publications. Mike has since gone on to garner more acclaim with redesigned brand logos featuring founders, creative directors and designers imbued within their logo.