Leather, silk, silver, gold. Yes, when it comes to jewelry, they are usually the protaginists. But what about wood? Can this humble material really transform an outfit, make a statement and elevate ones mood? Designer Eleni Dagaki strongly believes in it and boldly shows the way.

She has studied set and costume design and has worked for several years in tv,theatre and film.

And for her first jewelry collection she has decided to play with unusual suspects by creating a series of handmade wooden and leather objects with strong architectural influences. Eleni Dagaki is certainly brave: she lives and works in Athens and prefers the raw elegance of oak, maple and ebony wood to noble materials that could easily serve grand effects.

But it is because of her seemingly unreasonabe choice that her creations speak loudly for herself.

Eleni Dagaki

Kolokotroni 62

Athens, Greece

T: +30 210 3228510

All items are made by oak, maple and ebony wood. All components are sterling silver, black platinum plated siver, silver plated or stainless steel. The leather parts are made of real leather. Wood is cnc router cut. All items are handpainted and hand-assembled. There is no stock available. Every item is made upοn  client request in Eleni Dagaki’s workshop in Athens, Greece.