The MB&F M.A.D.Gallery Dubai, the Middle East’s first mechanical art gallery is delighted to present “Disintegrating II” by Swiss artist Fabian Oefner at Alserkal Avenue. And I could not be more thrilled – this is my latest obsession…

The artworks on display are a second part of Oefner’s ‘Disintegrating’ series, the first which he debuted at the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery Geneva in 2013 and which consisted of 3 images.

Fabian has carved out his reputation by fusing the fields of art and science, creating images appealing to heart and mind. He is constantly on the lookout for capturing life moments that are invisible to the human eye: phenomena like sound waves, centripetal forces, iridescence, fire and even magnetic ferrofluids, among others.

The artworks on display at the M.A.D.Gallery Dubai are mind-boggling. In terms of creative process and creation, it takes Oefner 2 months and over 2’000 photos for a single image to come to life.

The five images of the “Disintegrating II” series are exploded views of iconic cars that Oefner has painstakingly created by deconstructing scale-models, photographing each component, piece by piece in a very specific position, to create the illusion of an exploding automobile.

Oefner says: “I have always been fascinated by the clean, crisp looks of 3D renderings. So I tried to use that certain type of aesthetic and combine it with the strength of real photography.

This stunning photo series involves fooling the observer into seeing the images as computer-generated renderings rather than the real photographs that they are.

Fabian Oefner’s works are perfect examples of how mechanical art can be powerfully beautiful. Seeing objects we are so familiar with breaking down into hundreds of pieces, challenges the viewer’s perception of these items. ‘Disintegrating II’ truly encapsulates M.A.D.Gallery’s concept of celebrating the art of mechanics,” said Maximilian Büsser, M.A.D.Gallery Founder and Curator.


The “Disintegrating II” series consists of 5 images showing exploded views of iconic sports cars:

  • – Auto Union Type C (1936-1937) (titled Disintegrating 04),
  • – Maserati 250F (1957) (titled Disintegrating 05),
  • – Ford GT40 (1969) (titled Disintegrating 06),
  • – Bugatti 57 SC (1934-1940) (titled Disintegrating 07),
  • – Porsche 956 (1982) (titled Disintegrating 08.)

Each image is available in 2 sizes: 140x70cm limited to 8 prints and 230x115cm limited to 3 prints.