There are a few out there, who (regardless of weather conditions) refuse to stay away from saltwater for too long. There is no winter for them. And all they need is the right attire. Saltbeat is a womenswear label of luxury waterwear fueled with love for kitesurfing, passion for the wind, salt and laissez faire of the sea. Made in Europe and worn worldwide, the Saltbeat collection is about versatility, functionality and superior quality. It is also about looking and feeling good. In and out of the water.

For the past two years, Athens-based kitesurfer and designer Despina Pistiolis and her amazing team (among others, Berlin based illustrator Meyoko, Russian tattoo artist Diana Katsko and Greek graphic designer Stavros Kypraios) have been working together into bringing this marvelous feeling to life and connecting it all, into one thing: The ocean’s pulse and our own heartbeats. The perfection of imperfections. The living in the present. L’esprit de la mer.

Introducing you to a stunning collection of neoprene leggings, crop tops, rash vests, bikini bottoms and wetsuits, all of which are made from high-performance superlite neoprene and designed with versatility in mind. While allowing for optimum performance and functional support, the collection gives women the freedom to create their own unique style by mixing, matching and layering.

My personal favourites? The “Kristiana” black suit that makes you feel and look like a fearless Bond Girl. Especially when paired with one of my three absolute favourite tops,  “Athena” (long sleeve, in black), “Daira” (long sleeve, two tone) or “Electra” (short sleeve, in silver).

You can get your very own wetsuit here. Words of wisdom: just hurry up, the ocean is waiting for you.