He was born in 1941 in Casablanca. He never met Michael Curtiz, Humphrey Bogart or Ingrid Bergman, but he sure breathed the spiced smells of the souks.

Jacques Olivar was a Paris-based advertising photographer and movie director before embracing fashion photography. Adventure and a cinematic sensibility are keys to his unique style.

“I always try to match two different stories together. There is the location of the story—the atmosphere, the light, the colors—and the story of the woman—her eyes, her feelings, her attitude, her clothes. I like to choose for my pictures the least unexpected environment: a junkyard or a trashy diner, a lone street in a deserted ghost town or the poetry of a gas station. Then, I drive it into the ground to get the glamour of the situation”, says Jacques Olivar.

This collection follows a series of stunning young women across the USA and elsewhere. Each location— phone booth, gas station, etc.—is a pit stop on the road to better things. Although transients, these beauties leave their mark on the landscape. Where do their journeys lead? Who knows? Yet, the mounting tension draws us in—much like a Hitchcock film. Although hard-edged, these portraits are still innocent. It’s the classic American fantasy: restless, always hopeful, and never giving up—forever young.


Forever Young  / Jacques Olivar

128 pp., Hardcover with jacket64 color photographs

Text in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian

€ 59,90



© Forever Young by Jacques Olivar, Desolation Angel, Cape Town 2004

© Forever Young by Jacques Olivar, Garden of Eden, Altadena, California 2008

© Forever Young by Jacques Olivar, Crossroads Café, Nevada 2005

© Forever Young by Jacques Olivar, Out of the Blue, Nevada 2005

Cover picture: © Forever Young by Jacques Olivar, Just Like a Woman, Los Angeles 2005

All images are courtesy of teNeues and Jacques Olivar.  

First image credits: © Forever Young by Jacques Olivar, After Hours, Montana 2007.