Giorgio Armani’s international make up artist Linda Cantello reveals everything about the makeup products and tricks used backstage at the house’s Fall 2014 fashion show. 

She is a renowned perfectionist, and for four years and counting, British cosmetics guru Linda Cantello has been Giorgio Armani’s international make up artist.

“Shades of light and shadow, fade to grey. Flannel fabric is the symbol of this colour, reinterpreted in garments that are typical of the Armani style, but with an unusual sense of proportion. Forms take on an unprecedented aspect to express a new concept of individuality, comfort, sense of colour and processing of materials. Flashes of lime add a sense of drama to grey and black. Every detail emphasises a liberation from rules and constrictions”, she explains, when asked about the makeup used backstage at the house’s Fall 2014 fashion show, during Milan Fashion Week.


Linda Cantello interprets Giorgio Armani Womenswear FW14 in makeup:

“Fade to grey. Eyes with a wash of color. Imagine a strong Armani look with straight graphic eyebrows, grey eyes, berry mouth, and all a little bit “delavé” ”.


The makeup look step by step:

BASE: Prep the skin with Crema Nera Extrema Supreme Reviving Serum, Cream and Eye Compact. Even out the skintone with Luminessence BB or CC cream depending on the skintone.

FACE: Depending on skintone, Maestro Fusion Makeup in shade 2 or 3, mixed with the new Maestro Fusion Makeup shade 0 (white) for a healthy skin look. If needed, depending on the face shape, add contour with the new Giorgio Armani Eye&Brow Maestro (on counter Sept 2014). No blush.

EYES: Brows: Define strong, straight brows with a square corner in a subtle way, by using Eye&Brow Maestro in one or two shades darker than the natural color. Eye lids: Fall Collection Eyes To Kill liquid eyeliner shade 3 called “Mercury Nude” (on counter August 2014), to achieve a soft grey wash around the eyes, barely visible. Lashes: Eyes To Kill Mascara on top lashes only. Lashes are well combed.

LIPS: Rouge Ecstasy shade 602 “Night Viper” dabbed onto the lips. “The lip is meant to look like it’s been put on and taken off,” Linda Cantello explains.

NAILS: Short-cut, clean and bare.



Remember: Paris-based Cantello, who these days is a regular on Vogue shoots, never had any formal training. “The fact that I didn’t go to makeup school makes me much less rigid in my approach,” she told The New York Times in 2006. “I’m all for spontaneity”.