Coffee-enthusiastic Goat Story team has unveiled GINA, a smart coffee maker that combines classic coffee brewing techniques with latest technology.

This is the first smart coffee instrument with a built-in scale and an app that enables you to brew coffee with pour-over, immersion and cold drip. See, coffee brewing can be a special experience – every single time, with every single cup. That’s why the team behind Goat Story created GINA, the first complete smart coffee brewing instrument.

With a built-in Bluetooth SCALE weighing your ingredients will become easier, allowing you to find the perfect ratio between coffee, water and time.  Your phone will connect GINA with an APP via Bluetooth to transfer and save all of your brewing data and see what the rest of coffee loving community is sharing. With specially designed VALVE you can even tune your GINA and play with 3 different brewing techniques. Leave it open for pour-over, close it for immersion brew or set the drop flow for cold drip.

So you can just pour hot water over coffee grounds while leaving the valve open and observe the elegant flow – for the purest taste and highlighted qualities of the bean.

The $180 Goat Story Gina coffee maker promises to brew seriously good java, and in multiple ways too. Whether it’s pour over, cold brew, or full immersion coffee that floats you boat, Gina claims to have you covered. Want it? Well, this beauty is available for purchase on Kickstarter.

Gina’s creators say the brewer will be easy to use, too. Thanks to a built-in scale, Bluetooth wireless radio, and phone connectivity, even coffee novices shouldn’t have trouble following the machine’s brewing directions in real time.

Certainly, the most interesting of the Gina’s features though is its Bluetooth-enabled scale which is built into the appliance’s circular base. So equipped, the machine can sense exactly how much of the grounds you’ve added, along with the volume of your brewing water. This data in conjunction with the Gina’s mobile application (Android and iOS), allows the coffee maker to walk its users through the brewing process step by step.

If you’re excited about the prospect of owning a Gina coffee maker, you will have to wait until Spring 2017. But there is a chance you’ll get your hands on one a little earlier (and for less money) by backing the Goat Story Gina through its Kickstarter campaign.