Ignacio Ondategui poses in a sleeveless, lead gray down jacket as he brings Gulliver’s Travels (by Irish author Jonathan Swift) to life for Moncler Spring/Summer 2016.

The protagonist is a mix of creativity and clairvoyance, capable of overcoming the trends of times, all qualities that are perfectly aligned with the spirit of Moncler.

Showcasing the brand’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection, shot by famed fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz (who was able to reinterpret an eighteenth-century mood in combination with contemporary references), Moncler’s latest advertising campaign, is featuring Lilliputians, wearing the brand’s electric blue Longue Saison jacket.

Gulliver awakens on the beach of an unknown land, Lilliput, where he has been shipwrecked. Suddenly he finds out that he is completely out of proportion and, still dressed with his elegant culottes and light grey down filled waistcoat, surrounded by the Lilliputians all of whom are wearing Moncler’s electric blue Long Saison jacket.

The scene – dominated by the imposing size of Gulliver and the activity of the Lilliputian army – is set against a Nordic marine landscape: cold, almost metallic colored sand, anthracite rocks, a striking blue sky and dazzling white clouds. In keeping with the philosophy that Moncler has adopted since its very outset, nature is once again the true protagonist of the narration, underscoring the story’s value far beyond the traditional methods adopted by the world of advertising.