In her Harm Less series, visual artist and stylist extraordinaire Sonia Rentsch disarms modern weaponry by constructing harmless guns, grenades and bullets completely from organic objects.

Melbourne-based designer, art director and still life stylist Sonia Rentsch is an expert in crafting clever concepts into deceptively effortless scenes. In her commissioned work for January Biannual, tapping into the spirit of our time, she created handcrafted weapons from organic materials. The pieces do reflect the human proclivity to use take elements of our environment and manipulate them through technology to suit our desires. Photographed by Albert Comper, the harmless firearms, bullets, and grenades take on a slightly sinister appearance. With bullets made of barely blooming buds and triggers made of brittle leaves and fragile plant tendrils – these small works of art force some big questions regarding man versus nature, life versus death.

As for the artist herself… Well, she creates deceptively clever scenes from the simplest of objects. A 2002 graduate of industrial design from RMIT University (Australia), she has worked for a diverse range of clients including the L’oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival, the Suddeutsche Zeitung (Germany) and Christian Dior (UK). In 2007 she managed the Australian arm of renowned Paris forecasting studio Trend Union at the National Design Centre and was editor at-large of the short lived, but popular, Design Papers. More recently she worked for the creative house Moth Design (Melbourne), before a rendezvous in Berlin, where she transitioned to film and still life set design under the watchful eyes of wunderkind Sarah Illenberger, and the incredible Sarah Horton. All in all, her Weltanschauung is to find beauty in everything. And she does.