Introducing the latest series, Hotel Maritime – Room #58 by Antwerp-based artist and photographer Marc Lagrange – who has a predilection for nudes and portraits, creates luxurious and timeless environments, where eroticism and intimacy play a central part.

This is an invitation to essentially be an incognito co-conspirator in something you would possibly never have access to in real life. It’s an incitement to unleash your inner voyeur and to make up your own mind as to what is going on, in other words: to create your own scenario… The luxuriant atmosphere of Room 58 can swing either way, after all. It could reflect the warmth and protection of a balmy cocoon, but there is also the distinct possibility that more sinister forces are at work here. Do the protagonists really radiate serenity or are their expressions and physical postures up for an entirely different interpretation? You – the eyewitness – have free reign to invent the story and determine its outcome.

Hotel Maritime – Room #58 is currently on display at the Mark Peet Visser Gallery in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, a Dutch town not far from the Belgian border.