“I only want you to love me” is the first monograph from the brilliant, London based fashion photographer, Miles Aldridge. With a cinematic approach to fashion photography, Miles Aldridge creates singular scenes with psychologically complex characters in surreal and fantastic settings. His brilliant, candy-colored images engage viewers with an appealing mix of overt sexuality and sweetness. No detail is left uncovered in his eye-popping, erotically charged fashion photographs, which transform slightly sordid scenarios into acid-hued glamour. Each photograph is a complex world unto itself, and these lush images invite viewers to linger, for there is always something else to see, some deeper layer of meaning to uncover. Including hand-drawn storyboards that Aldridge uses to fix the idea of a shoot in his mind, as well as previously unpublished material, this monograph is filled with intimate insight into the photographer’s point of view and process. With deliciously naughty scenes and lushly evocative photography, this book lures readers into Aldridge’s irresistible world.

In this book the viewer is transported to a fantastically opulent dreamlike world populated by beautiful flawlessly dressed women playing stereotypical female roles, such as “secretary,” “soccer mom,” “housewife,” and “vamp.” But there is something wrong in these meticulously composed scenes. Aldridge’s women are strangely disengaged. It is as if the pressure of being an object of desire 24/7 has become too much to endure. They are on the verge of nervous breakdowns.

“Planet Aldridge is a luxury world where surreality reigns,” writes Glenn O’Brien in the forward of “I Only Want You To Love Me” (out by Rizzoli New York), a comprehensive look at Miles Aldridge’s cinematic photography. His hyper-chromatic images stir the senses – mannequin-like models are set in scenes where something is slightly awry. The book closes with hand-drawn sketches from Aldridge and features top model and sister Ruby on the cover.

…a bountiful collection of these thrilling and frankly creepy works...”, Vault Magazine 

…a surreal candy-colored realm pumped with clashing, over-saturated pop-art colors…“,  New York Magazine

Images copyright Miles Aldridge: I Only Want You to Love Me, Rizzoli New York, 2013.