American designer Lauren Vanessa Tickle explores and reevaluates the intrinsic value of currency, by creating “Increased Value”, a unique kind of jewelry. 
“Increased value” is a series of objects, a new kind of spectacular jewelry really, designed by Lauren Vanessa Tickle, representing synthesized reflections on the idea of money through adornment, where tickle engages in a meticulous and deliberate interrogation of the material.

By slicing, cutting and reassembling one dollar bills, Tickle manages to create a collection of elaborate wearable objects that actually encompass processes and values connected to the identity and role of money in contemporary society.

My work is an experiment in the concepts of value and adornment. The Values Exploration process takes currency of defined value, distills it to graphic elements, then resynthesizes an object of much greater value. How and why are these notes distanced from their face value? Idea, concept, process, and labor create value. Is this new, finished form a microcosm of industrial production? or a parody? I force wearers and observers to reflect on the concept of adornment in our society. One of the most conscious actions humans undertake is the decision of what to wear or not. My work takes underlying materialism and makes it explicit, imploring evaluation from all sides in each social context“, says Tickle of her work.