Women and Food. This seems to be the relationship (made in heaven as well as hell) that American figurative realist painter and artist Lee Price (artist represented by EVOKE Contemporary Gallery) has been investigating and indulging into recently with her absolutely breathtaking, photo-realistic paintings.

Truth be told, the Santa-Fe (New Mexcino) – born artist Lee Price has exposed her most private moments in a series of self-portraits that portray her eating behind closed doors, not by accident though. See, she grappled with eating disorders’ growing up and wanted to explore the complex relationship some women have with food through her art.

When I’m having difficulties in my life food is still how I deal with things”, admits the artist, now 47. “It’s not the severity that it was, but I might grab a pint of Haagen Dazs without thinking. ‘The paintings are very personal. They explore compulsive behaviour. I use food as the focus, but any number of other things could stand in for food”.

The artist believes that women’s relationship with food is central to the relationship we have to the world. “By portraying women involved in as intimate an act as eating, I am exploring a broader context of women’s situation”, she explains.

If this is not an inspiration to look up to, then we know nothing at all…