Alyssa Miller, Sports Illustrated cover girl and INTIMISSIMI ambassadress talks freely about all things important: a healthy body, beauty, lingerie, travelling, New Yorkers, and reveals something no one in the world knows. Yet.

Alyssa Miller was born on the 4th of July in Los Angeles. She is 5′ 9″ (1.75m), 24 years old, made her debut in 2005 (at the age of 16), when she walked down the runway for Stella McCartney. And, last but not least, she has rocked the past Swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. That’s pretty much everything we knew about her, up until now.  And then INTIMISSIMI came along, and she was announced ambassadress of the Italian lingerie giant (after posing for two consecutive years for the brand’s Bridal collection). Which actually gave us the opportunity to get to know her a bit better. Over an innocent chit chat.



When do you feel most sexy?

I feel most sexy, when I am comfortable. But then again, being spontaneous can be very sexy.


As a model, where do you feel more comfortable, on the catwalk or during a shooting?

I have always been more of a print girl. So I like for there to be a story, and to connect with the camera and the photographer and really transform into that character I’m playing.


Working for Intimissimi in this campaign has given you a chance to preview the new collection…

But also to travel quite a lot and experience other cultures, see how other people live. I was born an adventurer, actually. Which is the reason why I also absolutely love my job.


So which are your favorite pieces? What do you think about the collection?

I love the entire new collection. I think it is very chic and sophisticated. And definitely a bit naughty, my favourite ingredient.


What is the secret of beauty?

There is no secret, really. I live a very healthy life. I am very active, and I eat well. Yes, of course I love chocolate and wine, but all in moderation. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is go for a run. I think taking care of your body with the right food is important. I love cooking, and I am always coming up with new ways to make sure I am getting all the nutrients I need. But after all these years, I have come to the conclusion that above all, what makes one beautiful, is feeling happy. The happier you are the less likely you are to indulge in unhealthy behaviours. And you feel happy when you are surrounded by the ones you love. Period. So find what makes you happy and just do it. Other than that, I’d simply say the following: moisturize, drink lots of water, and get a good night’s sleep. Here you go. A proper recipe.


You’ve just had a shooting for Intimissimi – is it awkward for you to pose in lingerie?

Sometimes being in your underwear in front of a lot of people can feel strange, but I am very fortunate to work with some amazingly talented professionals. Which means I am in good hands – everyone goes out of their way to make me feel good. I can’t complaint. There’s no secret on how to manage to feel confident in a bikini or lingerie. I think confidence is something that comes with acceptance. Accepting the fact you are not perfect and never will be. And that your flaws are all beautiful.


How do you prepare yourself  for a lingerie shooting?

I usually try not to change anything too much, doing anything too extreme is very bad for your body and your mind. I just try to cut down on the sugar a little, because I have a very naughty sweet tooth.


What kind of underwear do you prefer?

I think it depends on my mood. For everyday life I like a simple cotton panty, but occasionally I like to go all out and wear something super sexy and surprising.


Ideal lingerie for a first date?

Something sexy….you never know!


What was your first impression of New York the first time you came to the city?

I hadn’t travelled much, so it was very new and exciting to me, when I left California for the Big Apple. The great thing about NY is that ten years later it still has that same effect on me. And I love New Yorkers. Their attitude, everything about them.  And I must admit, I’m most inspired by them on the streets, when it comes to style. What makes me weak is the fact that even if dressed up, they always keep it relaxed and cool. And that’s my style too. A great coat, a good pair of jeans that fit perfectly and a pair of fantastic boots. Classic with an edge, I’d say. Not that I do not follow trends, we all do. Only occasionally do I get sucked into them though.


What’s your favorite spot – a place you always want to visit when you are in New York?

“Ruby’s” is a tiny little whole in the wall kind of restaurant that I love to have lunch with my girlfriends at.


When it comes to shopping, which stores should definitely be on one’s NYC-shopping-list?

“Kirna Zabaete” is a great shop, it’s beautifully curated. I want everything they keep there!


You favourite travel destinations?

I loved Fiji and Iceland, both had a certain magic to them. Would visit them again and again, any time.


What kind of traveller are you?

I like to travel light when I can, but I’m always prepared for anything. And I’m also the one with the ’90s hip hop on the iPod.


How do you spend your free time?

I love reading, and writing. I play guitar, and sing. I love to run. I love to work with children’s charities. See my friends and family, and cook for them.


What are your favorite beauty products?

When it comes to beauty, I am a “less is more” kind of girl. I like Dermalogica, Embryollise, and Cetaphil though. Tried, tested, approved.


Your style icons?

Jane Birkin and Bianca Jagger. And Christy Turlington, my all time favourite model. And you know what, I firmly believe that the industry is actually going back to an era of real beauty and personalities.


What is the one thing you could not get enough of this season?

My over the knee boots.


Tell me something no one knows. 

I love to sing in the shower. Seriously.


Do you work out? 

I do not have a strict exercise routine. I like to change it up. For example, I decided to run the NY Marathon next year, so I will be working on my long distance running. I like to take ballet classes, and occasionally do boxing or Pilates.


What is the best fashion advice you’ve ever been given?

That would definitely be “dress for your body type”.


And you never leave your house without…

My iPhone.


What is the Spring/Summer trend you will definitely be wearing this coming season?

I try not to get influenced by fashion trends too much, but then again, I have always been a huge fan of wearing white in the spring and summer, so here you go. Here’s one trend I’ll be following blindly, this season too. And yet, again, it’s a classic.



With a concept inspired by the very garden of Eden, photographer David Bellemère chose a classic New York penthouse, decorated with plants and roses (with a fantastic view over Manhattan), to shoot the Spring/Summer 2014 campaign of INTIMISSIMI.


[youtube id=”Q3atimjVMFA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

As for Alyssa, she played the role of a sensual woman who follows her instincts, no surprises. Enjoy the backstage shots…