The Art of Plating is a new online magazine, entirely devoted to the exhibition of gastronomy as a form of high art – utilizing form, texture and color to tell a story and evoke emotions. Focused on the process and artistry involved in creating modern haute cuisine, The Art of Plating invites some of today’s most brilliant culinary innovators to share their vision, their inspiration, passion, emotions, and life stories. Among the critically acclaimed, this magazine is a new age influencer that embraces perfection through aesthetics and design emphasized by high fashion, technology, and contemporary art.

The team behind the publication has managed the almost impossible: to cultivate a thriving community that fosters discovery, interactivity and innovation by bringing food enthusiasts together through exquisite dishes from around the world courtesy of today’s influencers and tomorrow’s trendsetters.

A huge Bravo goes not only to all contributors but also to the Art Of Plating’s very own Editor-in-Chief, Maria Nguyen.  And thank you for all contributing recipes under the hashtag “ThePlateOfTheWeek. We surely will do our best to try them all out asap.