Yes, CYBEX did it again! Spring Blossom – in light or dark- is the next best thing, when it comes to strollers, car seats, and baby carriers. Perfectly suited for today’s urban lifestyle!

The allure of a woman is often in her strength. Sometimes it’s hidden, sometimes it’s there for all to see. She can be romantic, sensitive and feminine, but deep down she has the instinct to nurture and protect, and to inspire everyone around her. And ultimately, she has the power to bring new life into the world. 

This is the inspiration for the beautifully crafted new collection, Spring Blossom by CYBEX.

Taking a flower in full bloom as symbol of feminine strength, they’ve created a collection of unparalleled sophistication and elegance. Lush flowers in bold and beautiful colours radiate femininity and romance, sensuality and grace. Evoking a rich abundance that simply takes your breath away. 

Charming, seductive and luxuriously designed, these are strong statement pieces that are sure to turn heads.

See it in the elegant details and feel it in the sophisticated touches. It’s craftsmanship at its best. The beauty isn’t just on the outside, it’s on the inside too, in the soft and sumptuous interiors. Refined and sophisticated with a modern elegance, this is where high fashion meets practical design.

At the core of the brand and its product developments stands the CYBEX D.S.F. Innovation Principle: the combination of unique Design, unsurpassed Safety and quality and intelligent Functionality. This three-pronged strategy has led not only to the development of award-winning pioneering car seats like the Sirona M Convertible Car Seat with Sensorsafe 2.0 Technology.

Jewelled embellishments add a touch of glamour, along with the bespoke metallic details and luxurious trims. Each piece in the collection is timeless, a joy to have and to hold.

Beautiful blooms in gorgeous 3D appliqué. You just want to reach out and touch them, and explore the exquisite detail. Choose from Spring Blossom Dark, or Spring Blossom Light. It’s love at first sight.

You can enjoy a complete overview right here. Could you not fall in love?