Géraldine Georges is a young Belgian artist who creates abstractions of the female form inspired by fashion and couture. Her work combines photography and illustration to capture the eye and the imagination. She considers her role as one who transcribes emotions.

Geraldine Georges’ creations are floating between photography and graphics in the same way her innocent fairy girls that fight with the elements of nature are trying to open a door between different worlds.

Showing a special preference to black color and using a lot of 80’s references, she creates some of the most breathtaking portraits.With a particular love for the feminine figure, Georges adds to her heroines a mysterious scent, as if they were coming out from the pages of a forgotten novel.

It is exactly this mix of diverse elements and artistic disciplines that makes her work fresh and creative. We are sure that after taking a look at her creations, you simply have to have a part of Georges universe.

I never had a specific intention, I never know what the result will be, I just draw and make collages, because it’s a need, that’s my only way to clear my head and relax. My inspiration is life all around. Life, emotion, death, nature…”, says the artist.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels Géraldine worked as a graphic designer in various advertising agencies for 7 years. Towards the end of 2006, She started to work as a freelance illustrator. She did not felt like she was leaving behind the graphic design world but rather she was able to see & bring some graphic design elements into her illustrations. The two are inevitably linked for her. Her approach is pretty simple, she tries her best to transcribe emotions, find a perfect balance through the collages without falling into the trap of over-using Photoshop or other effects .