The new Undercolors of Benetton collection for Spring/Summer 2013 has a little surprise: the One Fits All feature that simply rocks.
When it comes to comfortable, high quality and fun lingerie designs, we can always count on United Colors of Benetton, as the Italian label never fails to create an explosion of joy out of its stunning designs. And exceptionally feminine, bright and modern in its ideas for women. Moreover, a brand-new feature for the European market is the launch of ONE FITS ALL, a new range of super-comfortable underwear in a single size. It’s about an innovative cotton yarn that adapts perfectly to all feminine curves and, hence as the name reveals, one size fits all – to sensational effect.

Among them many colourful t-shirts, panties and tank tops. But what we absolutely loved, is one of this season’s new and sleek additions, “the body” – in snow white. A model that ensures absolute comfort. Setting new standards in underwear, this body is made from cotton and is stretchy and light, and comes in many colour variations. Once again, the cotton fabric fits all body shapes beautifully and is perfect for everyone.

And, yes. We have indeed tried all pieces to their limits, in order to believe what the label promises. And let’s just point out that they have all gracefully survived one full hour of brave aerial/antigravity yoga at the Swaha Yoga Center in Athens. But we haven’t (a 45 minute massage therapy was afterwards as crucial as a bottle of water for someone lost in the desert).



Photos of the campaign shot by G. Rustichelli / FABRICA.