Introducing Prêts-à-Parfumer, an unexpected, new way to wear Diptyque fragrance: on your skin, wrapped around your wrist or pinned to your clothes. Carry your fragrance with you, wherever you go. Yes, you can!

The Perfumed Brooch

A pre-perfumed ceramic disc slides into the centre of a golden metal bird brooch. Watch the brooch sparkle as it generates lingering fragrance. 
The brooch is available in three scents: Skin Flower, Rose Water and Do Son.

The Perfumed Bracelet

Wrap the black and white perfumed bracelet once, twice or three times around your wrist to adjust the fragrance diffusion and create a soft silage whenever you gesture with your hand.
The bracelet is available in three scents: Tam Dao, Eau Rose, and Do Son.

The Perfumed sticker for skin

Halfway between a clothing ornament and a mobile diffuser, the perfumed sticker for skin can be placed on the inside of the wrist, on the nape of the neck or the curve of the shoulder. 
The patch is available in three scents: Shadow in the water, Rose Water and Do Son.

Thumbs up to Diptyque for creating another collection that is absolutely mind-blowing and fresh.

Go get them!

The perfumed brooch
The perfumed bracelet