That’s what happens, when four good friends decide to start collecting discarded and retired sails and recycle them into carefully designed, long-lasting bags. Salty Bags, to be exact.

The island-hopper, the racer, the adventurer, the cruiser, the lover of quiet tucked aways coves: all of them will absolutely adore these carefully designed bags. Because once, they were glorious sails, proudly traveling across the Mediterranean Sea. Then, they got retired, discarded even. No longer a part of a sailor’s life, useless. And along came four friends (Stratis Andreadis, Panos Varouhas, Spyros Daikos and Chrysa Halikiopoulou), all of them dedicated skippers and wild at heart.  And they had this great recycling idea. They gathered all sails they could possibly find and started making bags (with the exact same tools needed to sew or repair sails), long lasting and beautifully designed bags. When the moment came that they had to choose a name for their brand, they simply laughed. That was too easy. Salty Bags comes across as natural as the sea itself.

But that’s not all. Each handcrafted piece carries its own unique heritage, its story of a wet life across the Greek seas. In other words, every bag arrives at the door of its new owner with a booklet inside. And therein lies its life story as a sail. Which boat did it once belong to? When was the boat retired?

“Wouldn’t you want to give an old hero a second chance?”, the four friends ask us, smiling. Oh, we definitely would. And do note, that these friends will donate part of the profits to Hellenic Sailing teams, to support their participation to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Thumbs up.