Reinventing some of the most iconic and sought-after sneakers is no easy task, especially if the original was designed by the guru and sneaker deity, called Tinker Hatfield. But Nike has done just that by applying a new textile called Engineered Mesh to the Air Max 1, Air Max 90, Air Max 95 and Air Max 97.

The Nike Air Max  1, 90, 95, and 97 are some of the most pined-after silhouettes that Nike has to offer. One would be hard pressed not to find a pair roaming the streets in major cities all over the world — whether they’re tied tightly to carry someone to a new PR or loosely laced under a pair of jeans. The Nike Air Max line redefined and transcended the look of sport to become a cultural movement. So when Nike designers started discussing ways to reinvent these iconic models, they didn’t take it lightly. How to re-imagine these classics while staying true to the sneakers’ timeless style?

Enter Nike Engineered Mesh: new proprietary mesh patterns that enhance the functionality while retaining the overall look of the original models. It enables both tight and loose perforation patterns to replace traditional colour blocking, gradients and overlay placement.

Originally used in performance running footwear, the varying perf patterns allow for “zoned” construction: Tighter patterns are placed where durability is paramount while looser patterns are used where breathability reigns supreme. The result is a more breathable, flexible and durable Air Max family -lighter and leaner than ever. In other words, while staying true to the famous silhouette, the updated version features a much lighter and flexible construction and offer improved breathability.

Besides, the Nike Air Max is proof that when revolution meets evolution, a dynasty is born. Since the world got its first glimpse of Nike visible air in ’87, the Air Max Story has consistently been one of reinvention.


Remember1987 is the year when Nike Air became visible as Nike opened the window to its sole. In the era of more–more money, more drums, more jewelry, more hair and bigger phones–the Nike Air Max 1 delivered the maximum in terms of performance and innovative color. Coinciding with the rise of the rebel athlete, many of the era’s innovations are a punch line now, but the Nike Air Max 1 remains relevant.


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