Emily Heath can transform liquid silicone and clay into unique jewellery, one can most certainly obsess with. The series is called “Apendage”.

Each piece was first created as a clay model, a mould was then cast and finally the necklaces were created using liquid silicone. Techniques such as sewing, beading, wrapping and knotting utilize Emily Heath’s training as a fashion designer , while casting and moulding silicone displays her delight at working with new and unusual materials.

 “Apendage is an exploration of the body, using cast silicone to represent skin and muscle and symbolically sewing and wrapping the exterior. The pieces are a study of the human body’s infinite ability to heal itself and the vulnerability and beauty that exists in moments of sickness or affliction“, says Emily Heath.

Emily Heath grew up in the middle of the Australian bush on the far south coast of NSW. This childhood surrounded by beautiful natural forms continues to influence much of her work. She later moved to Sydney where she studied Fashion Design at the Sydney Institute in Ultimo. Though trained in fashion, Emily was drawn to the intimacy of jewellery design and began creating unique pieces in 2006. After a number of group shows, Emily had her first solo show, entitled “Appendage” in 2010 at Metalab Gallery in Surry Hills, Sydney. The show attracted positive national and international media coverage. In 2011 she began to work on her latest project, a series of installation art pieces beginning at her childhood home and continuing throughout several countries. The project expands some of the themes of “Appendage” beyond the body and explores ideas of altered memory, growth and change and the relationship between the constructed and the natural.