Darkness and Light. Opposing forces or eternal partners? El. Marneri gallery presents the exhibition “From Darkness to light”, in search of the relation between the two and how it has and continues to inspire artists, like Nova Zagora born Stoian Donev.

For the first time, the deeply symbolic work of the philhellene artist Stoian Donev is presented, using the two contradictory meanings to signify that with the help of poetry – “where souls can communicate and the whole world becomes luminous” the darkness dissolves and the light reappears. And thus light can dominate darkness. The exhibition is complimented by the works of 54 talented Greek and international philhellene artists in the area of contemporary jewellery, painting and design, who in turn express their own views and personal perception of «light conquering darkness», through their work.

The exhibition will take place in 4 parts. But Stoian Donev’s work will be exposed at the galerie throughout the exhibition.

Exhibition Schedule:

Part A 24/05/12 – 26/06/12 Opening : Thursday 24 May 2012, at 20:00

Myrto Anastasopoulou – jewellery Calliopi – jewellery , accessories Joanna Cave – jewellery Katia Delatola -fashion design and accessories Erato – jewellery Rallou Katsari – jewellery Christina Kellidi – sculpture Mira – jewellery Eleni Kyrmizaki – jewellery Christina Niarchou – jewellery Poly Nikolopoulou – jewellery Theodoros – jewellery Anna Tsalaga – object, painting

Part B 28/06/12 – 28/07/12 Opening : Thursday 28 June at 20:00

Beckie Galanopoulou – accessories Sophia Gaitani – painting on fabric Melanie Georgacopoulos – jewellery Danai Giannelli – jewellery Maria Sofia Gellou – jewellery Sofia Zarari – jewellery Maria Kaliabetsou – jewellery, photography Chara Karamichali – jewellery Paula Lakah – jewellery, object Jeremy May – jewellery Giannis Mamoutzis – object Olga Mergou – accessories Nicky Stylianou – jewellery Tolias – jewellery Emilia Tsekoura – jewellery Dora Haralambaki – jewellery

Part C 02/08/12 – 01/09/12 Opening : Thursday 02 August 2012 at 20:00

Svetlana Aristova – jewellery Maria Giannakaki – painting Giorgos Zoumboulakis – jewellery Maria Kamari – painting/accessories Maria Mastori – jewellery Katerina Mertzani – object Dolly Boucoyiannis – jewellery Lina Mwysidou – jewellery Maria Papagrigoraki – jewellery Voula Priovolou –painting Vassilia – jewellery Vassiliou – jewellery

Part D 06/09/12 – 29/09/12 Opening : Thursday 06 September 2012 at 20:00

Argiris Aggelopoulos – jewellery Katerina Anastasiou – jewellery, object Chantal Dallaporta – jewellery Connie Ochoa – jewellery Dimitris Dassios – Fashion accessories VoulaKarampatzaki – jewellery

Constantinos Kyriacou – jewellery Antonia Lekatsa – object Dimitris Nikolaidis- jewellery Stella Pissa –object Eleni Pyrgioti – photography Yiannis Siotis – jewellery Mary Triantafyllou – theatrical costume

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“From Darkness to Light”
Until September 29th 2012

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