Karl Lagerfeld has teamed up with the premium pencil-maker Faber-Castell to create the KARLBOX, a unique homage to the Kaiser and an expression of the symbiosis between an artist and its tools.

Combining Lagerfeld’s sublime style with Faber-Castell’s timeless sophistication, the ‘Karlbox’ is a luxury kit comprised of 350 fine art tools for drawing and painting.

What amuses me while drawing is the fact to draw. To me drawing is like breathing and writing. These are things that almost relax me,” says Karl Lagerfeld.

Reflecting on his preferred mode of expression, Lagerfeld says: ‘To me, drawing is like breathing and writing. These are things that almost relax me.’ This admission suitably sums up the ‘Karlbox’, which feels like a love letter to the art of drawing itself.

The pencils that he uses are extensions of himself: colours, crayons and pencils decorate his various living and work spaces. And they are all inevitably labelled Faber-Castell.

No doubt as, like each of his creations, these instruments are marked with a true luxury and authentic seal, one that only experts favour, which denotes quality, requires high standards and is uncompromising.

A  liaison which unites the traditional values of the family-owned company Faber-Castell with the modern, unique and innovative spirit and style of Lagerfeld himself.

It is a symbol for the long term relationship of both brands and represents the symbiosis of the fashion, art and design world.

Discover it now in selected retailers and on KARL.com.