German Vogue’s latest fashion film, “It Had To Be You”, directed by his Majesty Bruce Weber — who’s been writing new editions of the photo book All-American every year for the last 12 years- focuses on the impeccably dressed, blond, blue-eyed Kate Upton.

Being boring? Never. Kate Upton by Bruce Weber? Oh yes. In the film, which takes its name from a Frank Sinatra song, Kate Upton puts on (and then takes off) designer outfits from Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, and other fashion houses, while dazzled male models Aaron O’Connell, Matthew Vande Vegte, Tim Easton, and Casey Levens struggle to win her attention. Every element of the video (from the country club setting to the jodhpurs and riding boots Upton dons for the horseback riding scene) is soaked in classic preppy ’50s style.

With covers for Vogue Italia and Vogue UK already under her belt (not to mention her three US Vogue editorials) it isn’t risky to bet that Upton will grace the front of Anna Wintour‘s glossy, in fact, probably real soon. Seems like the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model has spread her wings far beyond and through Bruce Weber‘s unique lens.

Taste the seductive “It Had To Be You“:

[youtube id=”0wVDLDe9qQk” width=”620″ height=”360″]