Kenzo has released a limited edition set of tarot cards with original artwork by Michael Willis, featuring Jean-Paul Goudes‘ latest campaign. Just in time for the holidays.

The Kenzo revamp under the Creative Direction of Carol Lim and Humberto Leon of Opening Ceremony is now entering its third season, with the Spring 2013 show.

Not since the days when Kenzo Takada was at the helm of his namesake house, prior to his retirement in 1999, has Kenzo the brand been so neon bright, pattern-filled, and sexy; proof that Lim and Leon know how to extract contemporary gold from fashion’s past.

The pair were on hand at Paris’ Printemps department store the other evening, complete with limited edition decks of Kenzo Tarot cards for a psychic fête. Well, Kenzo shop will open on Printemps’ third floor next year…  So, for the fashionable voodoo priest or priestess in your life, the Kenzo “Psy-Chic” Tarot cards, as designed by English graphic artist Michael Willis and based on the ancient Major Arcana Tarot, featuring Jean-Paul Goudes‘ latest campaign, the cards were commissioned for live Tarot readings at Kenzos pop up store at Maria Luisa in Paris earlier this year.

And are now available for purchases at Kenzo. It is a limited edition set of 22 tarot cards for €25, the mystical set also contains directions on how to play and explanations of each card in English and French. See, with just a few days left before the supposed end of the world, divination and fortune-telling are having a moment.