Kristen Stewart is now channeling James Dean, showing off her gracefully perfect badass side, riding a bright blue 65 Mustang all over (a post-apocalyptic-looking) Los Angeles. Yes, this may just be one of Stewart’s most badass roles yet – and it’s not even for a movie. But for the video produced and released for that Rolling Stones song, “Ride ’em on down”.

She licks a blue lollypop as an homage to the record’s logo, smokes cigarettes at a gas station without any apparent fear of dying in a fiery explosion, avoids a creeper, gapes a burning car, does donuts in the puddly LA River and, to cap it all off, waits patiently for zebra crossing.

The Stones. A ’65 Mustang. Alone in Los Angeles. And the shoot was just as dreamy as the idea. We tore LA apart in a day and we had one hell of a soundtrack,” said Kristen Stewart in a statement yesterday.

As for the song…The iconic foursome teamed up for three days in London last December to record 12 covers of classic blue songs for their 26th album, “Blues & Lonesome.” You can stream all of the tracks on Spotify now and right here you can watch Kristen Stewart in the video for the album’s first single—a cover of Eddie Taylor’s “Ride ’em on down”, originally recorded back in 1955.