It claims two weeks to a lineless complexion. I tested it out. So now we need to talk about the Anti-Aging Rapid Response Booster and the Ice Crystal Transforming Cream by La Prairie.

Step One:

The Anti-Aging Rapid Response Booster is supposed to be La Prairie’s most accelerated wrinkle interceptor yet. A revolutionary active delivery system targets the cells that make skin look younger with precision and speed and delivers anti-wrinkle ingredients exactly where your skin needs them most. Beautiful, visibly younger-looking skin is only two weeks away.

* Reduces wrinkle depth and volume in two weeks: Delivers anti-wrinkle peptides exactly where needed to reduce depth and length of wrinkles in just 2 weeks

* Helps rebuild wrinkled areas: Helps control the evolution of skin aging, recovering hydration and reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles

* Retexturizes for smoother, lineless skin: Exfoliates to refine skin and minimize the look of imperfections including wrinkles and enlarged pores



Have been applying it twice a day, after cleansing, before applying moisturizer of choice. Yes, La Prairie’s exquisite cellular creams, serums and treatments have been developed with a commitment to providing exceptional skincare solutions. That I already knew.

But I never could have imagined just how good the results would be. La Prairie is very close to succeeding in the quest for timeless beauty. By literally transforming your skin. Within two weeks. The skin looks and feels smoother. The complexion is lineless. Yes, this is the closest there is to magic.


Incredients / What you should know:

Art and Science


  • targeted delivery system transports anti-wrinkle peptide exactly where needed
  • GPS-like peptide on outside of capsule speeds delivery to skin cells
  • skin cells ingest capsules
  • anti-wrinkle peptide inside capsule is released to fortify the skin which reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • skin cell energizer reactivates production of skin’s extracellular matrix, helping rebuild wrinkled areas
  • nature-derived neuro-calming peptide maintains age-controlling receptors on skin’s surface allowing receptors to perform as they did when the skin was younger
  • reduces appearance of deep wrinkles
  • reinforces skin’s barrier protection, which recovers hydration
  • tissue guidance matrix encourages rebuilding of stressed skin


  • plankton extract, a marine element, improves exfoliation for smoother, softer skin with fewer visible pores
  • natural texturizing blend of jojoba, mimosa, and sunflower waxes refines and helps reduce trans-epidermal water loss

Hydrating / Brightening

  • high weight and low weight sodium hyaluronate attract and hold moisture
  • herbal brightening complex inhibits excess pigmentation
  • silver vine complex improves skin’s translucency


Step Two:

The Ice Crystal Transforming Cream is La Prairie’s second miracle – what we have here is a triple action treatment product, that combines the benefits of skincare, colour, and sun protection in one. Skin tone is intuitively balanced with natural-looking colour to counteract dullness and signs of fatigue all while helping defend and build resistance to skin ageing stress.



An extremely clever tinted moisturiser that can easily replace your make up. it actually relieves all signs of fatigue and ageing. It instantly revives skin, balances intuitively the skin tone and helps the complexion adapt to daily stresses (that cause all signs oaf ageing).




Combined together, these two products can and will transform your skin’s appearance and texture. Yes, they deliver what’s promised. That’s the good news. Bad news is: they force you to reconsider everything you thought you knew about skincare. And this isn’t always easy to digest, forcing you to replace many many other little bottles and tubes. Forever.

They don’t call La Prairie the Rolls Royce of skincare for nothing, ladies.


[All images shot by Doya Karolini at Le Logis, in Cognac, France. With her Olympus Pen EPL-7.]