Can one sip transport you to the Mediterranean sunshine? I am nodding with a smile. See, Nespresso has iced coffee lovers covered with two new blends, created to help you enjoy the perfect iced coffee at home.

The experts at Nespresso have specially crafted two limited edition coffee blends (Intenso on Ice & Leggero on Ice) to deliver full refreshment and full coffee taste on ice.

These have a subtle acidity that enhances the refreshing sensation and developed aromatics that reveal themselves on ice.



Intenso on Ice

A rich coffee blend with lingering roasted aromatics and cereal notes. Served tall macchiato-style with cooled foamed milk, you can expect a smooth and creamy texture with delicious biscuit-like notes from the Intenso capsule.



Leggero on Ice

A mild coffee blend with fruity, well-balanced aromatics and subtle lemony notes. If paired with milk to create a Leggero on Ice macchiato, this capsule will develop toasty notes and a gentle sweetness.



For the perfect iced coffee, all you need to do is add 3 large ice cubes or 7 regular sized cubes to a tall glass before adding 40ml of Intenso on Ice or Leggero on Ice. Top with 90ml of cold water or cooled milk froth to for iced coffee glory at home.

If your ideal iced coffee needs a little more of a caffeine kick, double up by pouring two capsules of Intenso on Ice or Leggero on Ice in, the beauty of crafting your own iced treat is having it exactly how you like it. To top things off, these limited edition capsules have been designed in geometric blue hues, making you feel like you’re sipping in Santorini.


Discover their taste with this discovery assortment. Just hurry up and visit the Nespresso boutique nearest to you, or simply go online! Summer is already here! Your taste buds will thank you later, trust me.